Having lived together for a few years, we have most of the household things we could ever need. Instead, it would make us really happy if you could make a donation to one of the causes we care deeply about.

Climate change is real y'all. Places like Thailand, which mean so much to us, are especially at risk from rising sea levels, rising water temperatures, and droughts that threaten to disrupt the local ecosystems so many people and wildlife depend on. We believe that the biggest impact in curbing these catastrophic effects is going to come from legislation. The NRDC is a coalition of scientists, activists, and legal/policy experts who work together to advocate for laws and policies that will sustain our environment and protect it from special interests groups. NRDC has a 93.34 score from Charity Navigator.

Adopting our first senior dog Lychee changed our life and deepened our love, both for her and one another. Despite being gentle and easy-going companions, homeless senior dogs are the most overlooked at shelters and rescues, and have the hardest time getting adopted. Susie's Senior Dogs is one of the most well-known organizations focused on this group nationwide. They work to bring attention to and match senior dogs with their forever homes. Donations help SSD sponsor care for senior dogs, such as medical attention, training, or grooming - anything that will help these dogs become more "adoptable".
If you prefer to give directly to us, we are planning a honeymoon that could use some help. We gotta bring the ring back to Mordor. ;)

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